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It's a monster thing... I think.

Greetings, dear reader!

This is installment number two of my thesis short film production diary. I think the simple fact that this blog now contains more than one post legitimizes it as a blog (as opposed to, you know, a single blip floating around in space).

The team and I have been hard at work coming up with ideas for our story, and have made great strides in a relatively short amount of time. We’ve explored a LOT of story ideas. Some of them are straightforward, some are pretty off-the-wall. As a team we’ve decided to move forward with the following story:

Three monsters and a human are roommates in a small apartment. The human roommate (let’s call him Mark) is having his new girlfriend over for dinner for the very first time. Mark has worked very hard to make everything perfect (cleaning up monster mess, preparing a lovely meal) in order to impress his new girlfriend. After Mark leaves to pick her up, the monsters accidentally destroy the place, and they have to rebuild, redecorate, and re-do the meal before the humans return.

What happens when three monsters try to create a romantic dinner date for two humans? I guess we’ll find out.

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