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If the monsters are the roommates then what does that make the humans?

Since we decided on our cast last spring we’ve focused most of our character design efforts on our monster characters. They required the most consideration as far as appeal, and figuring out how their pipelines work. Unfortunately that means that we're a little bit behind I designing our human characters. Over the past few weeks we’ve invested a considerable amount of time in designer human characters so that we can have them modeled and rigged before the end of the fall semester.

I was a part of a team of students who took on this task. Although I've done some character design work for our monster characters, I'm not the most confident designing humans, so was really looking forward to the designs that some of my other team members came up with.

Below are some of my designs that I brought to the table. These were mainly based on my interpretation of who the characters were as I drew storyboards.

And below are the more or less “official” designs that we landed on after a handful of iterations. Syd we had more sketches for, but with Daisy we allowed Svetlana to design as she sculpted in 3D.

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