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It's a story about a dog.

This is a bit of a diversion from the normal programming that I have here on the blog, because this actually has nothing to do with the Monster Roommates short film. As part of an exercise in my storyboarding class, we were to dry handful of single frames that we could use to build a story from. From there we were to choose one and expand it into beat boards for a short film.

This time it was actually really refreshing. After months and months of creating the monster roommates film story, it was nice too loosen up my imagination, and come up with as many ideas as I could, and then as quickly as possible turning one of those ideas into a full story. Out of a handful of sketches that I did, I was really drawn to this shot of a little scrawny dog digging in a trash can at an amusement park. I filled it out in 2 a story about this little dog meeting a little girl, end eventually finding home and love. The following contact sheets are a sketch version of the story. I look forward to eventually spending more time on this one.

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